This lovely women was one of the MOST notable booths I saw at market.  She creates these spectacular custom chandeliers.

vintage material … modern design

In her own words…”Passion for exceptional design, amazing glass, and a vintage aesthetic has dramatically influenced Louise Gaskill’s ideas for lighting. Louise Gaskill brings to you her one-of-a-kind lamps and chandeliers, somewhat vintage in feel but new and original in design.”

I wish I had more pictures as her website has very view as each piece is one of kind.  Absolutely, positively beautiful!

Here’s the link to her site.  More pictures on her Facebook Page



This chandelier was really spectacular. The combination of the square vintage pieces at the top and the clean finish of the crystal drops was stunning.

This pair of lamps was just beautiful. They had a contemporary feel that would work in a modern home, but would look just as smashing in a highly traditional or even old-fashioned room.


SO clean and simple and SO stunning.

This is a close up of one of the drops. The scale on this thing was enormous! To put it into perspective, this single drop was about 10″ long!

This is genuine Murano glass as the basis for this great piece.