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I know it can be challenging to have fun and informative topics for your group.  I have had lots of experience speaking to various sized groups.

 Each group is different and each meeting has different time constraints.  We can chat about your group, their style, your meeting goals and time frame to customize the best fit for you. I taught a six week series of home improvement courses through a local community college.  I have presented to women’s church groups.  I have spoken at corporate “lunch & learns” for groups of 20 – 100.  I have been on stage at women’s shows and home improvement shows. (read more – bio)

(time can be 30-60)

Home: An Extension of Who You Are –  Let’s talk about why we decorate.  This is my signature talk!  A little more cerebral, but fun and interesting, this presentation touches on why our homes are important and how to create a home that nurtures all residents. HOME: Supports us in our peaks and in our valleys HOME: Nurtures those that live inside HOME: Allow form to follow function HOME: Must be…  

(time can be 30-60) Afraid to let the neighbors in?  Learn a few timeless tips and tricks you can use right away.  While styles come and go (and the thought of that sometimes stifles creativity!), good design principles are timeless.  By knowing a few of these,  you too can be happy with your home’s aesthetic.  This is a bite-sized version of the popular series on implementing your decorating project.  I’ll share several of the most practical, easy to manage designer tricks for creating a great design plan!

…that really work!

(time can be 30-60) Is your group filled with entrepreneurs?  Need a talk that combines a little business and a little design?  This talk addresses the needs of the (primarily) home-based business owners.

(time can be 10-20 each) These interactive presentations can fit nicely into a small time frame on their own.  Perfect  if you just need a fun little tidbit to promote interaction with your group.  Additionally, these can be seamlessly combined to provide a longer presentation.

Color Plan – Not sure where to begin when selecting color?  Interior Designer Pamela Sandall can teach you a fail-safe plan to select a color palette for your room, your home, or even your exterior!   This talk can contain hands-on demo if you’re looking to engage a table group.

Fabric Plan   – (Does this plaid make my couch look fat?)  Is your home a sea of solids?  Afraid of a little pattern?  Learn some quick tips to have you coordinating fabrics like a pro!  This talk can contain hands-on demo if you’re looking to engage a table group.

Accessorizing – #1 question that clients struggle with?  How to accessorize and what to accessorize with.  Learn a couple of quick tricks for fail-safe accessorizing.

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