Colorful Sofa during a design consultation

Initial Design Consultation – $350

What is included in this design consultation?  The truth is it varies from client to client.   Many designers will do a “free” consultation but hold back on information you can use.  I would rather use our time to BOTH our benefit.  These Initial design consultations are a great value!  My goal is to actually accomplish things in our first appointment.

I am big on value added.  I know your time is valuable and mine is as well.

  • Here’s what the plan is for our design consultation
  • First, play around on my website so you’ll feel a bit like you know me.  Read my blog, view my bio, see my kids, play on my Pinterest boards…that kind of thing :).
  • Next, call or email me so we set a meeting time.
  • After our call, I will send you an appointment confirmation for your calendar and my client questionnaire (here in case you’re exceptionally eager!).
  • We’ll have a relaxing appointment, in your home discussing what’s most important to you.

Our appointment will begin with a tour of your home or just the area of your home you want to share (now don’t get scared….no apologies, no guilt).  You’ll tell me what you value in your home, what treasures you love, what makes you feel great about your home, and what you can’t stand.   I will happily make suggestions as we go.  I don’t hoard my suggestions!  I am generous with my time.

After our tour we will sit down together and discuss your feelings about your project, your goals, your timeline and your budget (yes, your budget.  You need one!).

During this design consultation, we may make decisions!  We could actually:

  • Pick a few paint colors
  • Make stay/go decisions about furniture
  • Make relocation decisions (furniture/art/accessories/draperies)
  • Select a project inspiration (read about working with an inspiration item)
  • Get you a list of homework (yikes!)
  • Make MY homework list

The beauty of a paid design consultation is that you will see how I really work and I can be really forthcoming with suggestions.  It IS a creative process, so I can’t answer everything, but I do my best.  At the end of the appointment,  you’ll have a pretty good idea if you’d like us to work together on your home or at the least, you’ll have some direction and ideas to get you started on your own!  Depending on your goals and how you felt about me (remember YOU are the boss!) we schedule our next steps.  It’s all very painless!

How long does this take?  It varies, but I schedule about a two hour window.  We may run longer (no added charges!) but I find that after two hours, we’ve covered what we need to cover.

Your next step now?  At NO obligation, do one of the following:

Either pick up the phone and call me:   818-850-6268

Send me an email and request a call or email response.

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