Four swipes if mascara can change your face and your room.

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The Powder Room

The powder room is a great place to start to exercise your diy creativity.  It's a small space and usually can be completed (with a little planning!) in a weekend. (pics/text) Here's a little handy package to get you...

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Prepping for Houseguests

Is your home guest ready?  It's that time of year where we have visitors in from out of town.  With a little thoughtful preparation, you can be prepared to make your guests feel at home in yours!   Is your guest room the dumping ground?  Unless you WANT your...

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Design Starting Point

Perhaps the most frequent comment I get when working with a new client is: "I don't know where to start" Often homeowners have NO idea how to begin their decor project.  They KNOW they don't like a particular room (or multiple spaces) in their home, but they're not...

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Selling your home?

If you live in the greater Los Angeles Area and are selling your home, sign up for your custom consultation.  We've got a great track record of getting homes sold fast!  It takes some effort, however.  This custom consulation will help you figure out the best way to...

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The Laundry Room Makeover

Years ago I wrote an article called “The starter kit”. You can read it if you like but basically it was about how a simple trip to the hardware store to purchase three little shelves turned into a family room makeover. The starter kit for my laundry room makeover goes something like (well, exactly like) this:

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Outdoor Decorating with Interior Style

Sophistication, Grace and Hefty Bags? Outdoor Decorating with Indoor Decorating Touches.

For the homeowner with a patio, deck or other outside social area, decorating can be both a challenge and an exciting opportunity. You might be wondering how to turn your plain porch into a paradise and enhance your outdoor living.

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